Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Midwifery

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Consent: Race, Gender, Class: Saturday, March 2, 2-4:30

Beloved Coaching/People's Food Co-op, Portland OR

YWCA Social Justice Training: Skills to Restoratively Respond to Crisis: De-Escalation Skills for Individuals and Organizations: Wednesday, March 6, 1-4

YWCA of Portland

Being Who You Are: The Case for Gender-Affirming Health Care: Thursday, March 21, 7-9

OHSU (Marquam Hill Lectures) (flyer)




Center for Equity and Inclusion

Recommended Reading

White Fragility, by Robin DiAngelo

Implict Bias

Recent Articles and Presentations (updated Feb 26, 2019)

Lest We Forget: Slavery, Race, and the Birth of American Gynecology
Presentation at UCSF by Deirdre Cooper Owens

Join Associate Professor of History, Deirdre Cooper Owens as she explains how the institution of American slavery was directly linked to the creation of reproductive medicine in the U.S. She provides context for how and why physicians denied black women their full humanity, yet valued them as "medical superbodies" highly suited for experimentation. Engaging with 19th-century ideas about so-called racial difference, Cooper Owens sheds light on the contemporary legacy of medical racism. Running Time: 1.5 hours

White People Assume Niceness is the Answer to Racial Inequality. It's Not.

Robin DiAngelo, for The Guardian

DiAngelo is a well-known professor and trainer on issues of racial and social justice, and author of the recently published White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. The Oregon ACNM DEI committee plans to use this book to launch our new Equity Reading Series, stay tuned for more details.

What To Read When You're Queer and Expecting: 6 Parenting Books That Smash the Patriarchy

By Kaelyn, from Autostraddle